Hi! I'm Laci. Most know me as the creator of Sex Plus!, YouTube's most popular sex education series. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I created award-winning educational video series for Planned Parenthood, Discovery Channel, Snapchat, and MTV. I am a seasoned public speaker and have had the honor of speaking at over 150 schools and conferences. In 2018, HarperCollins published my first book, Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body.


In 2019, I began my podcast Indirect Message, which explores unconventional perspectives on social media, sexuality, and more. I am interested in helping my community build healthy relationships and sexuality, productive political discourses, and positive social media habits. You can read more about my content philosophy below. 

Offline, I live for a good book, a beautiful garden, and my puppy, Poppy. I am based in Los Angeles.

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                Content Philosophy


 Critical Thinking

The internet has flooded us with information. In response, we must ask questions, understand context, and do our best to logically evaluate the ideas we encounter. Watch my guide to thinking critically on YouTube.

Social Justice

Everyone, regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or ability deserves dignity, respect, equal opportunities, and fair representation. 

 Viewpoint Diversity

In all my projects, I attempt to cultivate a brave spaceA brave space welcomes diversity of viewpoint and experience. Dialogue is encouraged to reach mutual understanding. Compassionate accountability is cultivated. Participants are encouraged to opt into and out of challenging conversations as they are able to, without fear of judgment. 


We can cultivate the spirit of inclusion and open inquiry by engaging meaningfully, and in good faith, with the experiences of those who are different than us. 

Science and Reason

The scientific method is the most reliable tool available to us to help parse truth from fiction. Wherever possible, information and claims will be cited with relevant research. Scientific information should be accessible to all and communicated accurately -- without exaggeration or sensationalism.

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