Laci Green is a YouTube educator and science communicator. She is best known for Indirect Message, a podcast exploring topics in psychology and tech, as well as Sex Plus, YouTube's most popular sex education series. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011. She has produced award-winning digital series for Planned Parenthood, Discovery Channel, Snapchat, and MTV. Green is an avid public speaker, and has spoken at over 150 schools. In 2017, Harper Collins published her first book, Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body. You can find her resume here. She lives in Los Angeles.

Philosophical Underpinnings of Laci's Work

Social Justice

All people, regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or ability deserve dignity, respect, equal access to opportunities, and fair representation in the media and our institutions. 

 Critical Thinking

Social media demands that we intentionally analyze incoming information and narratives. Questioning, evaluating, and updating our beliefs (including those held dear) better equips us to address the complex problems of our time.

Science and Reason

The scientific method is the most reliable tool available to us to help parse truth from fiction. Scientific information should be accessible, inclusive, and communicated accurately without sensationalism. 

Respectful Discourse

We can create a safer atmosphere for open inquiry and discussion online by engaging meaningfully with the thoughts and experiences of others. In doing so, we treat one another as real people - not screen names.